Greetings to the 2019 Season!

Oh how I have missed you all!  But ya know what?  The sun is shining, the ice has melted off the pond and the temps are warming up!  This means I will be getting into "Park Mode" shortly and getting us all together again for a fabulous summer!!


We have a lot of things to do to get the park ready....driveway will be graded and new gravel put down, a few trees need to come down in the grove, gutters cleaned/replaced, the beach needs to be graded and cleaned up, the cabin aired out  and boy do we need sand!!  So if anyone wants to lend a hand starting in May, the help would be greatly appreciated!  


I have sent along the registration form for you all to fill out and return to us.  Discount for families is till June 9th!  Mailing it back to our PO Box or dropping off to Mr. Putnam is the best way to get it to me.  Thank you!  You'll notice on the form that we are offering Saturday swim lessons this summer.  Ally and I are going to give it a try and see what kind of response we get.  We understand that not everyone can have the time off during the week to have you kids attend our GREAT swim program so we'll see if this flies this summer!  


We have revamped our website this year, so it is up to date versus vintage like it was.  Any feedback once it's up and running is greatly appreciated!


Think that's it for now!  Can't wait to be back together again and soaking up the warm sun and  seeing your smiling faces!


Kristin Schwab

Park Director