In 1949, several residents gathered to form the first Wilton Lyndeborough Youth Center (WLYC) committee, with a goal to provide healthy, supervised activities for the community’s youth during the summer. In the mid 1950’s, Jennie M. Goss contributed 14 acres of land to the WLYC for “community recreation use.” In 1956, the first plans for Goss Park were in place and in 1958, construction began on the swimming pond. Then 1959, Goss Park was opened to the community.

Today, our facilities have grown to include a pavilion, snack bar, basketball court, tennis court, playground and a baseball and soccer field. Our waterfront offers swimming lanes, diving boards, docks and a floating water slide.

“People without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.”
— Marcus Garvey, Jamacian born political leader